Collin County Schools

 "What Was" vs "What Is" in Texas school ratings

Prior to 2011 all school rankings in the state of Texas were based on performance on standardized testing. Schools were rated Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable or Unacceptable. It was pretty straightforward and easy to understand if a school or district was performing according to the standards set forth by the state. 

Once the new accountability system took over in 2011-2012 things began to get a little murky in understanding the new rules and processes. New testing and new ways of measuring performance took over. You can read all about it here. Now, instead of reporting on testing performance within a school and district, schools from all across the state are grouped into accountability groups and compared within that group. I have an overview of that system broken down here.  

Can you find out which school is the best one in a district?

Not easily. All schools are given either a "Met" or "Improvement Required" rating. That is all you get. Some schools that perform in the top 25% of a certain discipline will be given a designation. The trouble is that a school that gets a designation does not necessarily mean that it is a top 25% in the district. It is a top 25% in the comparison group to which it is assigned. For instance, a certain school in the Plano ISD may be in a comparison group with other schools in other areas such as Houston, El Paso, Tyler, and/or Dallas. 

What can you do to determine the best school district for your child?

Suffice it to say that all of the school districts in Collin County are great. Our educators and administrators work hard to make our schools great. You really can't go wrong here. Interview the schools that you are considering.

What you can also do is a comparison of other factors besides state ratings in determining the best school district for you and your children. When I was comparing the school districts for my children, I took into account the fact that my children were young for their grade. Both of my kids have late spring or summer birthdays. This makes them pretty immature in the early years. I found a school district that only had 7th and 8th grade at the middle school and isolated 9th graders to a single school away from the rest of the older kids. You may have a child that is destined for greatness in engineering so perhaps an academy setup would be better suited for you. Perhaps your child needs more attention and encouragement so a smaller school that promises to know each child by name is right for you. 

More than a rating.

Schools are more than a rating. If you are interested in how each of the major Collin County school districts breaks down by school grade placement check out this graph.

Collin County School Breakdown

Ready to move to your favorite school district?

This is where I come in. I will be happy to share with you more tips on finding the right school district. I have more ideas on other ways to compare schools and find the perfect one for you. Check out the school district homes for sale by using the links below or by setting up an advanced search for other districts such as Wylie, Prosper, Melissa, or Celina. Let me know when you are ready to go take a look at these homes or any of the schools that they will attend.

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