The previous post in this series discussed picking a great lot in which to build your new home.  This time I will discuss designing a great home.

Designing a home

Designing your new home

Now that you have a great lot, it is time to choose the perfect home to build.  Most people already have in mind the basic characteristics of the home they want to build. Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other features are usually a no-brainer. Usually these components are the impetus for building a home in the first place. There are other things to consider, and your REALTOR® can really benefit you as you navigate all of your options.

Home Design Trends

Home designs evolve over time and certain features become more desirable than they were in the past. There are some trends that are great for resale. Discuss these with your agent to decide if you should incorporate them into your own home.   

Bedroom Placement

Bedroom placement has gone through several iterations in orientation. There was a time when all bedrooms were located together. Then the master bedroom was separated from the other bedrooms. Then the idea of split bedrooms came into fashion where bedrooms were located on opposite ends of a home. Today's trend in two story homes is to include a guest suite (bedroom and full bath) on the first floor. In single story homes, the guest suite is located away from the main bedrooms. This is due to the increased occurrence of families taking on an aging parent. They call this trend the "in-law suite". I believe this is one of the best choices you can make in your new home design.

More Direction in New-Home Designs

These are some other new trends to look for in home design:

  • downstairs media room
  • absence of formal dining room
  • built-in desk nook
  • low threshold bathrooms (in that guest suite)

Ready to build a new home?

I have many more ideas for you to consider when you choose a design for your new home. I can also shed some light on how the choices you make will impact the resale value of your new home. Give me a call.  I will step you through the process and get you started on finding a great place to call home.  If you want to take a peek at some new construction homes in your area, check out my construction section of my website.