5 Tips To Help You Shine

When I got into this business nearly eight years ago, the number one thing I learned was that over 90% of home-buyers begin their search online. That still holds today. However, the recent pandemic shifted the real estate model a bit, and now more functions of home buying and selling can be done virtually.

I have sold homes without the buyer even being in town. They viewed the homes online and through video, signed the papers online, and closed on the new home from a remote location. I have hosted virtual open houses and conducted practically every aspect of my job through alternate technical means.

How Can Sellers Adapt To Online Practices?

So how can sellers adapt and stand out in this new real estate realm? More than ever, a robust online presence is vital to selling success. When I list your home, I will make sure that a video walkthrough is available for online buyers. I provide 3D photos so that buyers can view a home virtually.

For any of these features to bring about favorable results, sellers MUST take steps to make their home stand out online. Here are my five pro-tips to help you do just that.

Curb appeal

This one is first on my list. It would be best if you prepared your home to catch the attention of online shoppers, but now you also need to capture their hearts when they drive by. Buyers have a more significant reason presently to drive by homes before they view them. Tend to your lawn, your trees, and your landscape. Lay down fresh mulch and add some color to your flowerbeds.

Neutralize Your Walls.

Gray. White. Taupe. Keep your walls a neutral color and avoid intense colors. If you have older-style wallpaper, remove it and paint the walls a neutral color. Neutral colors and clean walls make a HUGE difference in photos and in person. A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to boost your home's appeal.


A clean and simple environment is crucial for photos. Clear away everything from your bathroom and kitchen counters. You can have some simple decor items such as a bowl of soaps or a bowl of fruit. Remove those refrigerator magnets. Simplify the art and photo displays on your walls. Get rid of excess furniture. Focus on creating an open and inviting path throughout the home. Remove furniture that blocks movement or view to the next room or windows. Keep in mind - you are not setting each room up for your day-to-day living - you are setting up the spaces to look good on camera.

Stage Where It Matters

The most important rooms in your home are the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. It also would help if you spent a little time on the entryway to set the mood when a buyer enters your home. Make the decor current and eye-catching or removed altogether. During this time, we have been staging homes in three ways.

  • In-person staging where the stager comes into the house to set it up for photography.
  • Virtual stating sessions where the stager studies photos of the rooms, generates a list of instructions and meets with the owner in a video meeting to finalize the process.
  • Use of technology to add virtual furniture to an empty room.

Price It Right

The right price is so important these days. Take a look at all the homes in your price range. Consider yourself in a beauty pageant, and those other homes are your competitors. To win, you have to look the best and provide the best value. If all those other homes are prettier or more talented than you, then all you can do is adjust your price.

Are You Ready To Sell Your Home?

I am ready to help you get to the finish line. Start with a free home valuation and a virtual or in-person consultation on getting your home ready. Give me a call today to get started.