What are five things that you would have to do to your home if you were about to put it on the market?  Here is my list:

  1. Clean out the garage
  2. Replace the carpet upstairs
  3. Paint - inside and out
  4. Wash the windows
  5. Replace the blinds in two of the bedrooms


Some items cost money, which is why I have not done them yet, but the other items only require a little hustle and a little muscle.  So why not get to it?

I have been thinking lately about a time 10 years ago when we were about to put the house on the market.  I went through and staged it.  I cleaned out closets and playrooms; I rearranged furniture; I hung art and spruced it all up.  By the time I was done it looked so good that I didn't want to move.  My husband asked why we hadn't done it sooner.  I could not come up with an answer.

Why should we wait to get our house in order for someone else?  We should put in all that effort and enjoy the home for ourselves. 

Here is another example.  About a year ago we contemplated selling our house for something smaller and less expensive - smart-sizing is what they call it.  I told my husband that there was no way we could put our home up for sale until our bathroom was repaired.  It needed major repairs: cracked sinks, missing shower tiles, broken bathtub jets, burn marks on the countertop and the list went on.  It irked me that we could live in that squalor for five years only to fix it when it was someone else's turn to live in it.  Why not fix it and enjoy it while it was mine to live in?

We ended up remodeling the bathroom as well as staying in the home.  Every morning I go in that bathroom and smile.  It is so pretty and functional and I get to enjoy it now.  Additionally, if we ever do pull the trigger and smart-size, my bathroom will be a tremendous selling point.

These experiences taught me one thing.  We should approach our homes like we are about to put them on the market.  I keep a running list of 5 things I need to do before putting my home on the market.  I attack that list so that I can enjoy my home now and be prepared for the future.  Once I mark items off the list I look around and see what else needs to be done.  This is the continuous improvement cycle.  I have to wait for some cash to come in before getting that carpet replaced but I can do something about my garage this weekend. 

Do you have a list?  What will you do next? 

If you are planning to smart-size or up-size consider allowing me to assist in your transaction.  I can help you create your list, stage your home, and price it right for the market.  Then I will help you find the perfect home just right for you!