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March 17, 2022

Credit Score Goals

Tracking The Importance of Credit Scores

Do you track your credit score? Credit scores can help creditors determine whether to give you credit, decide the terms they offer, or the interest rate you pay. Having a high score can benefit you in many ways - especially in real estate. For example ...

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Feb. 8, 2022

Is Real Estate The Answer To Inflation?

Housing And Low Interest Rates Hedge Against Inflation

🤢 Has inflation reared its ugly head in your life lately?

Have you found yourself complaining about the cost of housing, food, fuel, and services? A quick scan of the news and social platforms reveals many stories about rising prices. For example ...

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Dec. 7, 2021

2021 Was A Busy Year

A Look Back At The 2021 Real Estate Market

Overall Health of the Market

2021 was a banner year in North Texas and the real estate market took off and just kept going. Low inventory spurred a phenomenal spike in home values. Home values rose over 25% last year. Some ...

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Oct. 27, 2021

Market Update 2021

Review of 3rd Quarter Data

What a year 2021 has been in the North Texas real estate market.

Our market is constantly changing and bringing with it new challenges and new opportunities. This year the focus has been on inventory and prices. This past spring, record demand drove housing inventory ...

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July 7, 2021

Live in the PAYMENT, Not the PRICE

Interest rates are an integral factor in purchasing a home. They determine how much house a buyer can afford. Low interest rates not only give purchasers a lower monthly payment, but they also yield higher savings over the total span of the loan. Take a look at the scenario below ...

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June 11, 2021

Understanding the Appraisal Gap

How much money do buyers need to bring to the closing table when offering over the list price?

These are some crazy times in North Texas when it comes to buying a home. Many buyers are struggling to get a home under contract. Once they do secure a home, buyers ...

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April 4, 2021

Winning The Buyer Battles

How To Prepare Yourself For Buying A Home In The Current Market

These are true stories:

  • A prospective buyer offers a seller a new car in addition to a generous price on their home
  • A popular local home for sale received over 85 offers in one weekend
  • A home becomes ...
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Jan. 5, 2021

New Year's Survey

With a new year often comes new goals.

I thought it would be a great time to ask some essential questions about your real estate goals for 2021.

Please take the survey below and let me know your plans because no matter what your real estate projects are for the ...

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Nov. 2, 2020

Five Ways To Prepare To Buy

Infographic How To Buy

Best Ways To Get Ready...

When it comes to buying a home - especially in the current market - we have found that buyers that are educated and prepared are happiest with the outcome. Take a look below at five great ways to prepare to buy a home.

⏰ It is ALWAYS ...

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Sept. 2, 2020

Where Is The Local Housing Market Headed?

Will The Strong Seller's Market Continue?

I have been getting many questions lately about the state of the housing market and whether I think it is sustainable. I wish I had a crystal ball to answer these questions, but that is ...

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