Home Staging Tips

Some home-improvement jobs are difficult and some are easy.  Some have a big impact while others are more subtle.  Some take days or weeks to complete while others can be done in an hour.  When a job is a triple threat - big impact, quick and easy - it's a big queasy.

When staging your home to sell there are definitely some impactful, quick and easy things that you can do to spruce up the place. 

  1. De-clutter
  2. Clean carpets
  3. Organize closets
  4. Paint
  5. Replace burned-out lightbulbs


Something that sometimes gets overlooked are the jobs that can be done to improve the bathroom.  Everyone says that kitchens and baths sell a home.  You can definitely get some big queasies in these areas.  One quick and easy job is to caulk.  This is also a cheap job (unless you hire someone to do it) Those caulk guns are fun to use.  A neat and tidy bathroom goes a long way when showing your home.  Now finish the job with fresh bath mats, towels and accessories.  Be sure to keep your countertops cleared off and you are on your way.

What are some of your big queasy jobs?  I would love to hear about them.

If you are planning to sell your home consider allowing me to assist in your transition.  I can help you stage your home so that it will have big impact with potential buyers.  We can turn those quick and easy fixes into quick and easy closings!