As a Senior Residential Specialist, I often find myself drawn to articles relating to this demographic. As an approaching senior myself, I often find myself checking my surroundings to see how my new home fits the bill for aging in place. 

I recently downsized and plan to stay in my home for the duration. It is quite an adventure but I am loving my new smaller home. 

REALTOR® Magazine published an article this month on windows suitable for seniors. I had never given windows much thought as it pertains to getting older. We will be replacing our windows in this new(old) home in the next few years and I will definitely take some of these suggestions. It does not always make sense to have a sliding window - especially as large as they can get. I will, however, make sure that the windows I get are low maintenance and easy to operate. 

Check out the article here

If you know anyone needing help in the area of senior housing, head over to my sister website I am developing just for the purpose of helping seniors.