Staging a Home with Pets

3 Tips for Staging a Home For Pet Owners

I read an article a while back about staging the refrigerator when marketing a property. It makes a lot of sense to me especially if it stays with the home. You never know what buyers are going to check out when going through a home. I remember a time when someone told me just to stash all my kitchen mess in the oven. I don't think that was good advice. One of my clients shared with me that the security cameras in her house captured buyers going through dresser drawers – way more personal than the contents of the refrigerator or an oven.

This article got me thinking about some other unique ideas for home staging. I have to say that one of the most distracting things that can turn a buyer off in a home is one that smells of pet odor. Aside from cleaning carpets and repairing pet damage consider some pet staging if you are selling your home.

  1. Fish Tanks - If you have a fish tank – have it cleaned. If you are crafty – construct a plastic For Sale or Open House sign and place it in the tank.


  2. Cat Litter Boxes - Have you seen some of the creative cat litter boxes lately? They are a significant improvement over the plastic tub.


  3. Dog Beds - Do you have a precious pooch? Check out the dog's sleeping quarters and assess whether it could use a spruce up. Maybe a new dog bed or decorative basket to hold dog toys.


Even in a seller's market, staging is key to selling your home quickly and for top dollar. I always provide free staging service for my listings. You can take that a step further by getting creative. Have you thought of some unusual staging areas?