Texas Bluebonnets

Spring Has Sprung!

We are coming up on one of the best spring passages in Texas. Bluebonnets! For so many of us, it is one of our favorite things about Texas. I love watching for them as I travel - they bring such peace and comfort. I also enjoy seeing my friends and family post pictures on social media of kids and pets amongst the blooms. This year promises to be one of the best years to view them because of the wet fall we had.

Today I bring you two truths and a lie about the great flower.

Truth #1

The Texas bluebonnet grows throughout the state. There seems to be a bit of a power struggle for the top spot, but Texas is big enough for more than one. The bluebonnet festivals take place the weekend of April 12th thru 14th this year. There is one in Chappell Hill, Burnet, and Ennis, with Ennis being the closest one to our area. Take a look at the Bluebonnet Trails in the Ennis area. 


Driving map of the Ennis bluebonnet trails

Truth #2

The state of Texas adopted the Bluebonnet as the state flower in 1901. It narrowly beat out the cactus or cotton boll. I am personally grateful for all the votes the bluebonnet received. There are actually 6 species of the bluebonnets that are all under the umbrella of the state flower - ones of different colors like red, pink, purple, and maroon.

The Lie!

There is a rumor out there that it is against the law to pick a bluebonnet. That is not true - you may pick a bluebonnet if you have permission. It is never allowed to pick OTHER PEOPLE'S bluebonnets, and you must always make sure you have permission to be in any fields you come upon. 

Another Spring Rite Of Passage

There is one other phenomenon that ushers in with the bluebonnets. That is the spring housing rush. If you are ready to jump into the market to buy a home or sell a home, give me a call