My Adventure In Root Barriers

A few months ago I published a post on caring for your foundation. I decided that if I get to dish such advice I better also heed it.  So I heeded.  Last week I got a root barrier installed along a portion of the front of my house.  Root barriers protect the foundation from invasive tree roots.  I had a Japanese Maple tree dangerously close to the foundation and was not in the mood for a foundation problem this summer.  Turns out the tree had already done too much invading and had to be taken out.  It was a sad day.  

The barrier got installed and I feel a little better.  Actually the new Redbud tree makes me feel better.  The root barrier is buried under ground and I don't think much about it any longer.  I think it is a very costly installation for what it is, but I am glad I did it.  If I were a handy person or had a handy husband, I would say this should be a DIY project.  Alas, I am neither, so I must pay.  

My landscaper dug a trench about 28 inches deep and then placed the barrier liner into the trench.  I found this lovely website that shows what these barriers do.  After that they just backfill the trench and you are all set and protected.  Easy Peasy.  

Take care of that foundation.  As your trees mature and grow larger they spread their roots and zap the moisture from the ground closer to the house.  This is another reason to use soaker hoses.  And speaking of that - next up - drip lines around the foundation.  The adventure never ends.