Making sense of selling your home

Making The Smart Decision To Sell

Once you have made the decision to sell your home, you should examine your finances and determine if you can afford to get your house ready to enter the market. In order for your house to sell for top-dollar, it must beat out the competition. Otherwise, you will only drive buyers to other people's homes.

Next, ask an experienced real estate agent like myself for a comparative market analysis to make sure you know the value of your home in its current state and its improved state. This should also include an analysis of the costs to sell your home. Once you have these numbers you can deduct any liens on the property, such as a mortgage note, and determine your home equity.

Finally, if you've lived in the home less than 2 years consult your accountant about possible capital gains implications.

Now that you have examined the financial aspects of selling your home, you should feel confident in moving forward. Start right here to make your plans to get your home on the market. When you are ready, contact me to get started.