Eliminate Inspection Obstacles - Exterior Lighting

I wrote recently about a troubled transaction I had this summer. The homeowner's had a difficult time selling the home because the inspection report scared off several buyers. It was a tough time for them. Hitting stumbling blocks like this after getting your home under contract can be frustrating. 

An inspector is going to find something. The key is to have as few issues as possible. Many little things will begin to stack up. As the buyer reviews the report with the inspector, and the report gets longer and longer, the buyer's mind begins to see the home as being neglected.

I am beginning a series over the next months on some of the common items and issues found in an inspection report that can be easily remedied. This session focuses on exterior and landscape lighting. 

Steps to make sure your exterior lighting is up to par....

Maintenance. Replace bulbs - Replace fixtures.

It sounds like a no brainer but go through all of your exterior lighting fixtures and make sure that the light bulbs are working. Replace the bulbs. Now, if any fixtures remain that are not working, have them repaired or replaced. 

Consider updating your exterior flood lights with motion sensors and security cameras.

Experts recommend that you maintain your landscape lighting once a year. Here is a handy checklist:

  • Cut back any shrubs or plants encroaching on the lighting
  • Remove debris such as dirt, mulch, insects, and leaves from fixtures.
  • Check for damage such as exposed wiring or corroded casings
  • Replace bulbs
  • Clean casing, replace caulking or sealer
  • Check and adjust fixture positions

My story.

I am in the process of getting my home ready to sell. I started on the exterior of the home. My landscape lights had stopped working a few years ago. I thought this would be a simple DIY project but I was wrong. The light fixtures were so damaged and corroded I had to call in my favorite handy man with all the tools. 

It was still a pretty inexpensive update and now my home looks great - day or night! 



Looking for more tips on landscape lighting?

I've got a great article here on the latest lighting trends for 2017

Let me know how you have improved your exterior lighting. Good luck!